Riot points generator

Hey guys,the riot points generator is not working any more,league of legends has patched it,but there is still way to get free riot points..riot games are doing daily contest for riot points prepaid card codes,its free and easy to take place,furthemore here:

PS:None riot points generator is working..there cant be a working one because riot created an algorythm which doesnt allow it


Riot points generator features

Hey guys,in this post i will show you why to use our riot points generator.The advantages of it and what can you do with it.

-Updated version.
-Easy to use(not complicated programm).
-You can generate admist 500,1000 and 10.000 riot points.
-Our surveys for downloading it are the simpliest.
-We dont ask password,but only your username.
-Working in all League of Legends servers(USA,EU WEST,EU EAST).
-We update it every new patch in LoL,so you dont have to download it again,it will autoupdated.
-All the programmers of the riot points generators are active,and if there is an issue,wer are going to help you.


Why to use only our RP generator?

Why it's better for people to use only our riot points generator?
-Every one who plays League of legends and his parents cant afford for skins,he is trying to find ways to get free riot points.So his friend is google and youtube.He is trying to find in the start through Youtube,but most of the videos are fake.
Tips how to recognise fake riot points programms:
-If the programm you want to download has no survey,it will be fake.
-If the uploader does not prove that he gets free riot points,it will be fake.
-Be specially observant when he proves that he get riot points,most of them use edited photoes.
-If he shows you a photo that he has something like 70707,the programm will be 100% fake.
-Whoever gives you a link and he tells you that"when you go 5 level,you will get free riot points etc"ITS 100% FAKE,he is just giving you his referal link.So care with these videos.
-If the programm asks e-mail or username and password,he is just trying to steal your account.
-If the video has something like 250 views and 250 likes,it will be fake(He propably used a bot for comments)
-If the the uploader has disabled comments,the video will be 100% fake,even if he has 300 likes.
-If the video has no Note,something like "This video is uploaded by Riotpointsgiver,if the uploader's name it's not that,the video will be fake" the video will be fake 100%.There are about 7 original videos and all the others are just stolen.So if he has no note to the uploader's name just ignore that video.



Riot points generator a legit programm?

So have you ever thought about riot points generator if it is legit or a cheat?The true is that it is legit.How can it be legit?The riot points insided in those generators are mostly donated by Advertisers and other rich people,but not only from that,when someones complete a survey,with these information he gives,he donates the riot points generator.So dont worry about it,because it is 100% legit and there is no way Riot to ban you for that.


Why does Riot games let us use this RP generator?

So have you ever mind why does League of legends let our riot points generator still working?This generator is working since v1.0 and now we are at v4.1.I will answer to that question.When someones is going to download the riot points generator,he has to complete a survey...so advertisers pay League of legends for these surveys.What do advertisers win?-They win popularity and they raise the number of their niches bought.So riot points generator is a legit programm and you don't have to worry if your account will get banned.
How to get free riot points?The answer is one:Riot points generator.


Hey riot points generator users.I have observed that there are downloaded more riot points generators than the surveys completed that means 2 things.1st)Some of you send it to your friends like that 2nd)People in my youtube videos ask the riot points generator and you send it to them.
Whoever is sending it,he must stop doing it,because our free riot points generator will STOP WORKING and we will have to pay it for working.So whoever asks you again the link to download the riot points generator,tell him "Do you want free riot points?Go in the link in description!"

Thanks for watching and please what i told you,if you want the riot points generator working...

Golden Riot points generator!

Hey riot points users,this week is going to be a really amazing day for you guys who use it.With new advertisers we found,we will be able to use riot points generator twice a day,i mean that you will be able to generate twice a day and not 500 RP,but 1000 rp.Click here to watch the riot points generator updates

How to get free riot points??--->>Riot points generator v4.1